Reviewer Guide

Guide for Reviewer 

Before deciding whether to accept or decline a review invitation, consider the following key questions:


  1. Does the subject matter of the article match your area of expertise? Only accept the invitation if you feel you have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide a high-quality, comprehensive review.
  2. Do you have any potential conflicts of interest related to the article or the authors? If so, disclose this information to the editor when responding to the invitation.
  3. Do you have the available time to dedicate to thoroughly reviewing the article? Conducting a proper peer review can be a significant time commitment, so make sure you can meet the given deadline before accepting the invitation.

By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that you only accept review invitations for which you are well-suited, avoiding potential issues and allowing you to provide the journal with a thoughtful, unbiased assessment of the manuscript.


How to peer review for NTU-JET

The reviewer report should provide a comprehensive critique of the submitted manuscript. It should go beyond a brief, cursory assessment and instead offer a detailed, substantive evaluation. NTU-JET does not mandate a specific structure for the reviewer report, but suggests the following format:

  • Summary
  • Major issues
  • Minor issues 

NTU-JET encourages reviewers to provide constructive feedback to help authors improve their manuscript. The report should offer a thoughtful, analytical critique, particularly in areas where revisions are recommended. Reviewers can also include confidential comments to the Editor-in-Chief that they do not wish the authors to see.

While the specific expectations may vary by academic discipline, some key aspects that reviewers should generally evaluate and comment on include:

  • Frontier and novelty of the topic
  • Accuracy and attraction of the title
  • Academic theoretical level
  • Value for peers
  • Rigor and logic of the structure
  • The distinction of language expression
  • Accuracy and necessity of figures and tables
  • Correctness of derivation and argumentation
  • Rationality of reference

To ensure authors receive timely reviews, reviewer reports should be submitted through the manuscript tracking system by the agreed-upon deadline. If a reviewer is unable to meet the deadline, they should contact NTU-JET so an alternative submission date can be arranged.

Reviewers are encouraged to focus their reports on objectively evaluating the scientific merits of the submission, including the soundness of the methodology and whether the conclusions are supported by the results. Reviewers may also comment on the novelty and potential impact of the work. At the conclusion of their review, we ask that reviewers recommend one of the following actions:

  • Accepted
  • Minor Revision
  • Major Revision
  • Reject



Manuscripts under peer review must be kept strictly confidential. Reviewers are not permitted to share the manuscript content or discuss it with anyone outside the formal peer review process.

Reviewers may, if necessary, consult with trusted colleagues from their research group, but must first obtain approval from NTU-JET or the Editor-in-Chief. The name(s) of the consulted colleague(s) should be noted in the "Comments to the editor" section of the reviewer report.

The confidentiality of the manuscript must be maintained at all times throughout any such consultation with additional parties. 


Conflicts of interest 

Reviewers should decline to review a manuscript submission if any of the following conditions apply:

  • They have a financial interest or stake in the subject matter of the work.
  • They have previously discussed the manuscript with the authors.
  • They feel they would be unable to provide an objective, impartial review.

In these situations, reviewers should recuse themselves from the review process to avoid potential conflicts of interest or bias.

Applications to review 

NTU-JET welcomes applications from individuals interested in joining our community of peer reviewers. Our Editorial Board selects the most appropriate reviewers on a per-manuscript basis, inviting scientists with relevant expertise and experience from their specialty area and/or publication history. To ensure we have your current contact information on file, interested potential reviewers should register for a user account with NTU-JET. This will help us efficiently identify and invite qualified reviewers when new submissions require assessment.

For more informationclick here to view the reviewer process guide.