A Comparison Study a Mong Optimization Methods for Solar PV Hybrid System


  • Ali Nadhim Hamoodi Northern Technical University
  • Fawaz Sultan Abdulla Northern Technical University
  • Abdullah Ahmed Alwan Northern Technical University




Perturb and observe,(P&O), particle Swarm Optimization,(PSO) ,solar PV system ,maximum power point tracking, (MPPT), Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO).


The maximum output power can be obtained from sun energy to supply grid tie system .The highest output power that leads to an improve in the efficiency of the solar system related to the weather conditions when the panel exposed  solar radiation uniform and changed.In this paper a comparisison study for different optimization methods include P&O ,PSO and GWO was made this study obserive which optimization methods gave the highst power . This means that the grey optimizations technologies lead to increase the power received from the PV that’s led to increase the efficiency


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