Crop Seed Sizes and Their Role in The Productivity of Field Crops: A Review Article


  • Muthanna Abdulbasit Ali Department of Field Crops - College of Agriculture and Forestry - University of Mosul / Iraq
  • Mohammed Akram Abdulateef Department of Field Crops - College of Agriculture and Forestry - University of Mosul, Iraq
  • Abdullah Khder Mohammad Department of Field Crops, College of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Mosul, Iraq
  • Saddam Ibrahim Yahya Department of Field Crops, College of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Mosul, Iraq



Keywords: Crops, Technology, Seeds grading, Yield,



The world has begun to be interested in developing new variations that fulfill the needs of the people, which necessitates research into some things that are still uninteresting, such as the many qualities of the varieties. The first cycle of increasing agricultural production begins with the seed, as seeds are one of the important factors affecting crop growth and productivity. High-quality seeds are characterized by a set of specifications, including their good fullness and homogeneity of sizes in the agricultural sample, which is intended to be comparable to plant growth and then balanced exploitation of light energy and growth sources by all plants equally, with its reflection on yield and quality. We conclude from most of the studies that have been reviewed that the technique of grading seed sizes led to stimulating and accelerating germination and thus increasing growth and raising the productivity and quality of crops. Therefore, the seeding rate must be determined according to the number of seeds per unit area, not the weight of the seeds per unit area, and the reason is due to the large variation in the weights of the seeds of one variety per crop planted in different environmental conditions. The majority of the studies likewise found an inverse association between the number of seeds and their size within one weight. Given the rise and rapid population growth, seed size grading may be the most important factor in enhancing output.



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