Design and Development of Real-Time Data Acquisition of Photovoltaic Panel Parameters via IoT


  • Kutaiba Khaleel Tikrit University-Collage of Engineering - Electrical Engineering
  • Thamir H. Atyia Tikrit University-Collage of Engineering - Electrical Engineering
  • Ahmed M. T. Ibraheem Al-Naib Technical Engineering College/ Mosul, Northern Technical University, Iraq



Solar system monitoring, Internet of things, On-Line monitoring, Arduino, Data sending



In recent years,there has been an urgent need in world for  electricity. It has being increased constantly with the expansion of energy consumption via traditional energy sources which are depleting. The world  has needed to turn to alternative energy, which is represented by renewable energy. The most important and most efficient of these is solar energy, and to get the maximum value of this energy with the highest efficiency, there should be direct monitoring of the performance of these solar panels. So, in this study, the Internet of Things (IoT) was used as a remote monitoring system to obtain the main factors like load current, terminal voltage, consumption power, temperature, humidity, and light intensity. The values were real and accurate, depending on the use of Adriano and sensors to measure the above-mentioned determinants and then using Wi-Fi technology to send the data that was processed in the circuit. Then the thing speak platform was used to display, analyze, and store the results in real-time


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Khaleel, K., H. Atyia, T. ., & Ibraheem Al-Naib, A. M. T. . (2022). Design and Development of Real-Time Data Acquisition of Photovoltaic Panel Parameters via IoT. NTU Journal of Renewable Energy, 3(1), 1–8.