Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Process

  • The NTU-JPS followed the double-blind reviewing process for all submitted manuscripts.
  • All submitted manuscripts to NTU-JPS are strictly and carefully peer-reviewed by a minimum of two external reviewers.
  • The primary check for plagiarism using  Turnitin software is applied in the editorial office to check the plagiarism.
  • Editors apply the manuscript's preliminary review in the editorial office, which will take no more than seven days after submission before sending it to external reviewers.
  • After accepting the manuscript for a full review, the editors will pass the manuscript to at least two reviews. The reviewing process will take no more than six weeks before collecting the reviewer's decision by the editor. After that, the editor will prepare a decision letter to the author based on the reviewer's comments. The author will be asked to answer the reviewer's comments and formate the manuscripts according to the NTU-JPS template.
  • All accepted manuscripts should send proofreading either by NTU-JPS or by the author (the author should provide the editor with proofreading evidence). After completing this step, the author will receive the paper in PDF format by NTU-JPS to give the last check before publishing online.
  • The author(s) should provide complete information about where the research has been done and the study period.
  • The author(s) should provide information about the received financial support or grant number if applicable.

Some points the reviewers should take into consideration before agreeing to review the manuscript:

    • The field of proficiency or interest: the reviewer's expertise or fields of interest have to cover the manuscript topic.
    • Conflict of interest with one of the authors: let the editors know if there is any conflict of interest with one of the authors and decline the invitation to review.
    • The editor will appreciate providing the contact details of a qualified person to review the manuscript in case of declining the invitation to review. Otherwise, you will have 20 days to complete your review. The reviewers will be excluded from the reviewer's database if they exceed that time without replaying to the journal or giving the reason for the delay.
    • For more information, click here to view the reviewer process guide.