Comparison between Rapid Test and ELISA in Cytomegalovirus Detection among Pregnant Women in Kirkuk City


  • zena muayad /
  • mohammed youvuz



Cytomegalovirus, Rapid test, ELISA.


Introduction: Cytomegalovirus is member of herpes virus that has a phospholipid-rich membrane, capsids, and a network of DNA. As this virus affects many living cell in the body, people are at risk of acquiring it especially immuno-compromised patients like pregnant women and can transmit it to their fetus therefore the diagnosis of the virus is important for monitoring the infection in mother and prevent transition to the fetus. Aims: The purpose of this study is to compare two common methods for Cytomegalovirus diagnosis. Materials and method: CMV Rapid Test was performed to detect IgG & IgM Abs specific for CMV using CTK BIOTECH/USA kit. Second method was ELISA technique that performed for further validation using Bioactive/Germany kit. CBC test also performed to compare (WBC, Hb. Lymphocyte, platelet) count between patients and control groups. Results: By rapid test, all patients tested positive for IgG, however only (10.16%) of 128 patients tested positive for CMV IgM, according to ELISA, which shows that the number of IgM positivity was  only (8.59%). According to complete blood count we indicated that there were significant differences between patients and control regarding to WBC count and lymphocyte count with P value (0.0001) and (0.0001) respectively. No significant differences observed in hemoglobin concentration and platelet level between two groups. Conclusions: Viral infections require accurate diagnosis to minimize negative outcomes and the results showed that Cytomegalovirus diagnosis in pregnant women via ELISA test is more accurate, specific and sensitive than rapid test.






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