Comparison of Some Biochemical Parameters in Covid-19 Patients and Vaccinated Individuals in Kirkuk/Iraq.


  • Maha Tariq Jasim Azadi Teaching Hospital, Kirkuk Directorate of Health/ Iraq.
  • Mohammed Y.Noraldeen Northern Technical University
  • Najdat Ali Al-Kadi Northern Technical University



COVID-19, vaccinated individuals and biochemical parameters.


Corona virus2019(Covid-19) or severe Acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-Cov-2) has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) are global clinical biomarkers have been important in determining its severity, although its aspect have been well characterized, so the aim of this study is to investigate some common alteration in some biochemical parameters in serum of covid-19patients (hospitalized and non-hospitalized, vaccinated and control group.

Study Design: The study conducted across sectional study in cohort of 167(40 hospitalized covid-19 whom paid a visit to Al-Shifaa-14 hospital, Kirkuk, from Iraq, 30 non-hospitalized covid-19, 67vaccinated individuals and 30 control healthy group), from december20,2021 till 20 March 2022. Their ages ranging from (20-75) years. The total 167 patients ,79 males and 88 were females.

Age, comorbidities, and abnormalities in several clinical biomarkers have all been shown to be important in determining the severity of covid-19 illness in several investigations. Although the clinical aspects of COVID-19 have been well characterized, the assessment of changes in the most common biochemical indicators reported in COVID-19 patients is still lacking. So the study aimed to investigate common alterations in some biochemical parameters in the serum of COVID-19 patients (hospitalized and non-hospitalized), vaccinated individuals and control group.

Sampling:  Blood samples were collected from 167 individuals, then centrifuged to obtain serum for the biochemical tests that included B. urea and creatinine, Glutamic-pyruvic transaminase(GPT), Glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase(GOT) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP). Nasopharyngeal swabs were collected from non-hospitalized of COVID-19 infection which was confirmed using real-time PCR technique. The study's findings revealed substantial variations in biochemical parameters between the examined groups in terms of creatinine (value >0.001) and urea (value >0.0001), as well as significant differences in GOT (value >0.0001) and ALP (value >0.0001). So this study can have concluded that patients infected with Covid-19 (hospitalized and infected outside the hospital- subsequently) have an increase in most biochemical parameters, however the effect was lower in the vaccinated group.





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Jasim, M. T. . ., Y.Noraldeen , M. ., & Al-Kadi, N. A. . (2022). Comparison of Some Biochemical Parameters in Covid-19 Patients and Vaccinated Individuals in Kirkuk/Iraq. NTU Journal of Pure Sciences, 1(4), 1–9.