Design And Implementation of online Auction System


  • Raghda T. Elias University of Mosul
  • Auday H. AL-Wattar University of Mosul



Auction, Online auction, Data management.


Online auction sites are a great way for people to buy and sell goods without the hassle of
haggling prices or advertising items. it's also a good place for small businesses to advertise
their products because they can attract more buyers with even small advertising budgets.Online auction system that enables people to buy and sell items to each other. It's similar to eBay but is more focused on buying and selling locally instead of internationally. Mosul University and some of its affiliated institutions, especially warehouses, lack the presence of an electronic auction that facilitates the operations of conducting auctions, as the current auction system is a traditional manual system with many difficulties and slow work, in addition to the complexity of the procedures for offer and sale operations. This research paper includes scheming and executing an online auction web application for Mosul University. This application will have a major role in supporting the electronic auctions conducted by the University of Mosul in terms of facilitating the display of items to be sold and speeding up and documenting sales processes and making the procedures more flexible and accurate. It is possible to make this application public to many public and private organizations. The manual system used for the auction at the University of Mosul was analyzed and on the basis of which the electronic system was designed, applied and tested. The application experiences showed flexibility in use and success in implementation




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T. Elias, R., & H. AL-Wattar, A. . (2022). Design And Implementation of online Auction System. NTU Journal of Pure Sciences, 1(2), 29–38.