The Syriac War From The Perspective Of International Humanitarian Law


  • Karar Ali Maktoof Wasit University



During the last decade, the international community witnessed a widespread wave of computer hardware and information network technology that revolutionized the way we live our lives, such as flexibility in obtaining information and the adoption of many basic services and infrastructure on them. But every matter has its negative side as well as its positive side. Despite the tremendous development of the information revolution, it has at the same time made the international community face new risks associated with this development. Cyber ??attacks have appeared whose effects are not limited to data in computers or systems, but rather Beyond that, it directly affects the real world, such as hacking computer systems to control air traffic, disrupting the work of nuclear power plants, and many negative effects that may lead to catastrophic accidents, and civilians are the main victims of such wars. Since international humanitarian law seeks to protect civilians, legal experts have sought to examine the extent to which its rules can be applied to cyber wars.




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